So Step Down


January 7, 2004 by phillipfrost

So Step Down

So Step Down

Inspiration from a confined society.

That is what causes me to write.

As you read…

You’ll see that I have this passion within skin deep.

I’d like to call it hate.

Against those who are against me,

And my free mind.

I have no Jesus, I have no spirit.

So let me be…

And step down.

You’re no god,

You’re not even blood…

Yet you think you have control.

Like we are your people…

To do your bidding at your every command.

Like you are something special.

Keep dreaming,

And let me be…

So step down.

That high and mighty post won’t last forever,

And will fall.

The people will break and burn you for all your lies.

So step down…

And let me be.

Lower your hand,

You’re no Jesus,

You don’t have all the answers,

I don’t have any allies,

But I do have a mind and I can think for myself.

Along with a mouth that can’t step down until you burn.

Step down!

Your wings are being clipped and the people are against you.

How does it feel to be the only one?

Now what?

Step down!

The people side with me and do as they will.

Grieve, frown and fail.

Step down…

Your place is being taken over…

And this nightmare has only just begun.

So I suggest you run…

Because there is no place left for you to go.

So Step Down…

© Phillip Frost 2012


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