Inevitable Vicious Cycle

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December 20, 2005 by phillipfrost

Inevitable Vicious Cycle

Trapped in my mind,
In the hardest place to truly find,
Surrounded by fear,
It’s been like that for years.
Scared of the truth and where it may lead.
So I’ve turned it all into lies,
Right beneath you’re feet,
Where no one can catch me cry,
I need an awakening,
I need to be cheered,
I need to be brought back to life,
I need to feel for my lost soul,
For now am in the hardest place to find,
I’m in my own deep dark mind,
Take me,
Take me away,
Far, far away from my insanity,
Show me reason,
Show me the fight,
Free me from this trap with the forbidden light,
Let me know its okay,
That it’s okay to believe the truth,
For the lies that have been brought to the surface,
Forever haunt me,
In my own deep dark trap,
A trap of fear,
A trap of seeing all the good becoming undone,
By truths reasoning,
Shedding tears of confusion and conviction,
Is now inevitable,
As I sit here in this dark room,
I think out loud why I feel this way,
Why I’m I scared,
Why do I fear?
As I shake my sleepless self to sleep right back into my trap,
Trapped again in my mind,
Fear is apparently inevitable in this vicious cycle,
It’s only a matter of time before this time and fun will come to an end,
Death can not be my answer,
I seem to be forever haunted by this,
I need someone,
I need an expression,
I need an out burst,
I need tears,
I need strength,
I need support,
I need a true friend,
I don’t need lies,
I don’t need someone with a mask,
With that said my trap maybe can be lifted,
But to be forever broken and scared in remorse,
But at least I’m left with a smirk of a smile witch has been dead for years,
And a good friend to share it with,
That only happens in dreams I say…
Then people say dreams can only happen if you put you’re mind to it,
Dreams should happen the way I want it too,
And it doesn’t
So it won’t be one of my dreams to say the least.
So with that said, come to avenge me friend,
Come save me from this end,
Before I become dead in my own vicious cycle of my deep dark mind
I call it being trapped…
Being trapped in this vicious cycle of my life…

© Phillip Frost 2012


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