Little Red House on the Clouds

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February 4, 2006 by phillipfrost

Little Red House on the Clouds

Little red house on the clouds.
Glistening with self pride,
How do you keep your shine and cheer?
How do you keep your head above the clouds?
Avoiding distraction and fear itself.
Perhaps truth, love and care are a reason.
After so many years of disappointment and tainted love,
No compassion of any kind could prevent the inevitable cause of age and time.
It’s too late to forgive those who hate you.
Reality and truth can define a being,
But that comes with a price of being deeply hurt,
Which can tarnish any views.
Like it has mine,
A vein has broken and the little red house on the clouds…

Hangs on for dear life,

Petrified in fear above what are now the dark clouds of anger.
Now the little red house shivers in shame and now is forgotten,
The shields of dark clouds hover and shed heavy tears upon this earth.
The little red house that once sat proud above the clouds glistening in self-pride,
Will forever be broken in space,
Haunted by this truth and revelation,
It is now longer a house,
It is now an abandoned

A barren barn with reveling scars

They show lesions of truth and lies.

Until another time…

Recovery is futile.

© Phillip Frost 2012


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