Invariably Getting Deeper

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May 6, 2006 by phillipfrost

Invariably Getting Deeper

Fiercely intense,

Invariably getting deeper,

My hands are shaking cold,

I’m lost in sudden disarray,

Trying to make it through,

With the common sense of having no one real to turn to,

I take a look around,

And I try watch the sounds of animation pass me by,

Feeling it irrigating through my veins and mind,

While lying down on the faint grass it’s almost invigorating.

This gives me the urge to just run…

I want to run and jump in the cold pool water,

While getting that euphoric slow motion feeling before I fully enter water.

Like a twelve year old on a hot sunny day.

And to think…

Everyone seemed impressed…

When they met me with their grins…

Let me tell you my story,

I’m sure it’s not boring,

My life is changing lanes,

Mainly off the road,

You think you know me,

But surly you don’t.

I’m slowing getting lost in confusion,

And it’s becoming immovably intense,

And invariably getting deeper,

I’m becoming invisible,

I’m starting to disappear,

My inner salvation isn’t on my merits,

It’s of those who say they care,

That is if anyone even tries making a futile attempt,

Until then…

I’ll just slowly disappear into memories like yesterday,

Like I was never there,

Like I’ve never been in your life before.

Like right now…

© Phillip Frost 2013


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