Oh Boy

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February 7, 2007 by phillipfrost

Oh Boy

Once upon my time

My life was all but too grim

With no one to call a friend

I was all alone.

Falling deeper in my dark world

Not even a future to look forward too

But one day things changed.

In my time of need

There was no one there.

But I met you.

In my time of need you stood faithfully by my side,

When all others failed

When it became my time of no need,

I knew you we’re the one.

You minded my broken heart.

Oh boy

You’ve taken the blue out of my life and put it back into my sky.

You bring light into my world

When everything seems dark

I may carry the torch now

But without you life would be so blue.

Thanks to you I can show my true colors

Thanks to you I’ve learned how to smile

And I love you for all that and more.

Not even all the stars and moons in this universe can out shine you.

You mean everything to me

I love you

You’re smile & laughter makes my heart sing true happiness,

Remember this…

Every night when I go to bed,

I dream of you.

Even though you’re right by my side

I think I love you more than you know

Oh Boy

© Phillip Frost 2012


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