Curiously Deadly

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March 8, 2012 by phillipfrost

Curiously Deadly

When the world is caving in and things are looking mighty grim…

I couldn’t help falling in… this hopeless adventure can lead to my end.

It’s really just ever so doleful.

A sudden epiphany has brought something to light…

I’ve been enticed with no more, than mere fool’s gold.

The tangled beginnings of a dark adventure with no return,

Walking endlessly about oblivion,

Lost… through a maze of thorny roses.

Time is being wasted,

Not sure of the path I should take

As the darkness shifts, my heart carelessly drifts.

My mind is guarded like a game of chess; it idly waits in silence for the next move.

So I lay about in gloom, trying to look over the blue moon, while my room is on fire

It haunts me in so many ways

I’m almost consumed,

Please don’t hasten yourself, it really doesn’t matter.

I’m letting go, and no longer daring

This is my time I’d like to just say good-bye

I’ve learned it’s not worth repeating my mistakes,

A broken heart mended by tape, so it’s meant to continuously break

I am the vexed puzzle of pain,

Left feeling cold and empty

Grey skies seem to encompass me.

As I fall deeper into this deadly curiosity of my fallen life

© Phillip Frost 2013

March 8th 2012 10:22PM


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