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February 1, 2013 by phillipfrost

A moment in my head……… Salvation, or Damnation?

I am the one you see in school, town, or just lying around the house.
The one who hides behind a mask.
I dont speak, or am I forbidden to speak?
I cannot hear. Why cant I hear?
It is because fate herself has scorned me for trying to change what I have no control over.
For the sin I have made against her, I am now forced to live my life in the shadows.
Watch as my friends, family, wanted lovers live their lives to the fullest.
All that I am able to do is let them dump their burdens, sorrows, and grief onto me.
The darkness is the only home that I know of.
Is this my Damnation, or is this my Salvation?
For now I consider this to be my Damnation.
Only until the shadows finish devouring my soul will I find my true Salvation.

© Kenneth Ray-Garland-Carr

“This is words only my heart understands. Please dont give me your pity for its not welcome for the truth” – Kenneth Ray Garland-Carr

You can find this published poet in the book: “Stars in our Hearts: Vision



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