“So, I can die”…


February 8, 2013 by phillipfrost

“So, I can die” (Poem, just written, what you think?)

Star Light
Star Bright
Walls are caving in
Paths have narrowed
I fear this may be my end
Shivering about the night
It’s the first night you’ve been gone out of my sight.
I’ve lost my address on memory lane.
I want this pain to cease
My tarnished heart has reached its finale.
The silver moon no longer sparkles upon me,
I fall deeper into the darkness from light,
I just want one thing
Beneath the twilight of the white city of life
So sadness may finally meet its end
Kiss me
So, I can die

© Phillip Frost
Friday 8th of February 2013 2:40 PM

I pull how I feel from the inside and transfer it out to feel better


2 thoughts on ““So, I can die”…

  1. Michelle Wennekes says:

    You paint a very realistic picture, it’s like I can see you sitting there, boxed in, with nowhere to go. “Walls are caving in” gives you this feeling of being in a small place, getting smaller, and more difficult to breathe. “Paths have narrowed” shows you that there is barely any way out anymore, there is almost no way to go anymore, no path to walk. “I’ve lost my address on memory lane”… this is a really beautiful sentence, it really touched me. “The silver moon no longer sparkles on me, I fall deeper into the darkness from light” makes it more sad because you are looking back on a time when ‘the moon still sparkled’, a happier time, but then you look forward again and the moon is gone, darkness took its place, and you’re only falling further from it. “Beneath the twilight of the white city of life”… I like the white city of life, it paints the contrast with the darkness where you’re at, and the twilight part shows beautifully this transition, that there is something that connects the white of life with the dark of death: this kiss, this last thing that you want, and “sadness may finally meet its end”, absolution, ceasing of suffering. “So, I can die” –> really strong, in a melodramatic, theatrical kind of way. You could even leave the comma out: “So I can die” and it would be less dramatic and more sad, in a heroic kind of way. Does that make sense? Anyway, it doesn’t matter, just another way to go.

    It’s beautiful – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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