King without his Crown

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February 15, 2013 by phillipfrost

King without his Crown (JUST WROTE THIS, Thoughts?)

Imprisoned by a familiar beast
Petrified by his blue eyed glare
Malice grins attempt to pierce me
Everything appears as it should
But within these walls
I am the fallen king
Once glorious and proud
I have been broken
I am the forgotten king
Stripped of my golden crown
A faint heart settles apart
Grey skies obnubilate
Sorrow has gripped my light
Able to recognize a path that has only led to me into darkness
My light is fading
My kingdom has toppled
Down… Down…
Lost to oblivion
It is no longer around…
I am a king without my golden crown
Sounds of jubilant past seem to haunt me
Suffocating with regret
Of how I let my kingdom come crashing
Down… Down…
As people sneer
I realize I have nothing more to fear
I am a king without my golden crown
Looking up to a starry night sky
In hopes to be more than the king without his crown
To be the man who no longer frowns
To only reverie in reality
Abound a new light
To egress without veil, without hindrance or without restraint
I walk this path alone
Nevertheless it is freely forward
Without the bounds of my kingdom and crown

© Phillip Frost
Friday 15th of February 2013 1:09PM


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