Kiss Kiss

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February 25, 2013 by phillipfrost

Kiss Kiss

That night at the beach…

Sitting on the pale driftwood around a cozy fire,

Watching the waves crash down on the soft sandy beach,

Loving the night summer breeze blowing through my hair,

That’s when I caught your stare,

Our eyes crossed one another’s.

With the full blue moon hazing over us like a mistletoe,

We knew it was right.

There was no more perfect moment then this.

So then we kissed,

Just a little one…

Started it all,

My pulse raced

Your breath grew heavy

We kissed again

Your preppy short hair,

Your Italian soft skin,

The fire’s tint drew hazel out of your eyes,

We kissed again…

Oh that heavenly kiss,

That night I felt sure you could be that one,

It was like an unexplained force that compelled us to each other,

No matter who saw, as long as we knew we had each other it didn’t matter.

You took my hand and lead me to the waves,

We tip toed through the chilly sand,

A night like this couldn’t have been more perfect,

Just two young souls enjoying befits of life.

As we continued our walk you suddenly stopped and came up behind me never letting go of my hands while you picked me up and squeezed me tight and kissed me on my cheek then held me as we stood as silent as the night’s breeze,

Watching the blue moons light glisten in the waves.

Not a single cloud in the clear skies,

A night with stars belonged to us,

I think you loved me that night,

Staring back at your soft eyes and irresistible smile,

How could I resist kissing you again?

Lips so sweet

Nothing like a great way to end the night

To still want to…wanting to…

Kiss Kiss

Phillip Frost

Saturday, August 2, 2008 2:04 PM


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