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May 6, 2013 by phillipfrost


From that moment we met…

It was now or never

I didn’t want to lose this feeling

I knew it was real

Your twinkling blue eyes

Your gorgeous smile

You struck me with a simple hello

All I wanted from then…

Is to be standing right next to you

You instantaneously captured me…

You had me trapped in an endless trance within your glance

How can you describe a feeling…

That has only been felt in dreams…

Just stop

Wait a moment

I want to enjoy every second of your presence

Don’t stop…

Your kisses are so irresistible

Your love makes me want more

You keep me from running

It hurts when we are apart

The stars don’t shine as bright without you by my side.

So take my hand

I promise to show you the way

Let’s runaway to Neverland…

Until forever ends

Let’s spend our nights chasing fireflies until dawn

Our little dream house upon the trees awaits our arrival

You are the fruit to my loop

To think if it wasn’t for a simple silly mistake…

We would have been without each other’s embrace

Since you have stepped into my life

You’ve made my mind feel utterly wild

You brought the butterflies to my tummy

The rapid race to my pulse

Without a doubt you simply have me…


Monday 6th of May 2013 5:13 AM

Phillip Frost


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