Golden Flight (Thoughts?)


June 6, 2013 by phillipfrost


Golden Flight

Running … Running …

Hate is chasing

Don’t look back

Don’t fall


They want to see him scream

See him on the ground

He is all alone

Hate has chased him to the end

Every cut is closer to the vein

He has given in…

Following the darker path of despair

Only petrified glares attempt to haunt him,

He still walks the lonely road

Filled with masks of the so-called friends with hidden intentions of malice

Craving to erase the pain,

The thought is exhilarating

So why run from it…

A life carelessly dangles upon a golden line…

He tethers upon the golden gate while staring up to the eye of the sky

Nothing left to say

Anxiously waiting the fall…

Repeating to himself

Why love the broken

Why love the unhappy

The Golden flight awaits him

He takes the leap of faith

He wants to feel it

The wind burning his skin

The chill of the icy deep

Not wanting to see the pain…

His heart is breaking

Escaping the hate inside

He falls vigorously

It is as if he is time traveling

He looks down to the water below

Only seeing it as a mirror

Reflecting illusions of happier times….

His mind is shouting

Break it

Break it down

Nothing can emerge from this darkness

The crash is tremendous

The pain is outstanding

It hurts

It overcomes him

He is into deep

The corners of his mind feel the sensation of true pain

He can no longer breathe

You have taken everything from him

There is nothing anymore he can give

This is how it has to be

Empty and to damn scared to try

He holds on to the last moment

As he fades away from the light

Into depths of darkness he falls

Concluding the Golden Flight

Sunday 5th of May 2013 5:10 PM

Phillip Frost


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