Vent/Thoughts about the PAST

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November 12, 2013 by phillipfrost

The past is an interest thing… It has the ability to bring our deepest and truest feelings almost to life by simply coming across a trigger. Memories of moments that have made us smile, laugh until our cheeks can no longer take anymore silliness, heartwarming moments that are too great to forget. But of course nothing in life is without equal balance… so then occasionally we are also hit by the heavy pains that still make us cry uncontrollably, falling to pieces over the aches of a broken heart. Being consoled by others is only a feel good temporary exile… because letting go of the past is much harder than forgetting it, the heart will always remember.  Allowing trust to create new memories seems replace the old tarnished ones with something worthy and today seems like a good day to start…

-Phillip Frost


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