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December 17, 2013 by phillipfrost


I am deeper than a surface impression.

I am tangible.

I am human.

I can bleed.

I fear.

I am dark.

I have fallen far from the light.

Lucid apparitions of olden days still haunt.

Yet I have persevered.

Averted obstacles and managed to thrive.

I may walk a somber path but it is a far cry from silent.

Nightly adventures beneath the twinkling stars come across to the surplus as appealing

Nevertheless it is nothing more than an obscured illusion.

One thing is clear

I am in a crucible.

I am a survivor.

I may be broken and missing crucial pieces but I still sustain the last morsel of me

In particular… a heart that radiates warmth

Voraciously seeking its equal,

An inspiring person who walks amongst a luminous path

Far away from the deepest depths of darkness which I have laid

Nothing false or nothing that resembles anything more than what we are.

Unlike an anthropomorphic object

More as ourselves as nature intended… filled with

Flaws… Sins… Tarnishes…

Truth… Forgiveness… Experiences…

Growth from what has broken me…

Harmonized from the knowledge I have acquired.

Our greatest trait is… because we are what we are…

Merely nothing more than


Tuesday 17th of December 2013 1:52 PM

Phillip Frost


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