Once Upon A Time

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December 19, 2013 by phillipfrost

Once Upon A Time

When I was alone,

All I needed was your love and your kindness

When things seemed to only worsen

You let me fall to the ground

Like when a star dies after it falls from the sky

Except I broke

You abandoned me

I didn’t want this

It’s hard

I lay still…

These moments are frigid

I’m tired of chasing after your attention

The past

I want it gone

The sun has finally set onto one of the darkest nights

I’m not bound anymore to this life

So I will self-destruct

I have made up my mind

I avoid the mirror’s glare

I have taken a deep breath…

Killing the lights

Drawing the blinds

I am in the dark

Candles twinkle ablaze

As I lay in a pool of gasoline

I can no longer breathe anymore…

This time I am taking it away

Closing my tired eyes

The gravity of this weighs heavy

It is a sad day when you realize that you have lost yourself

Candle flame sparks

The room goes up in flames

You rush in

Gazing hopelessly into my eyes as the fire consumes me

It doesn’t hurt

Nothing can compare to the pain you have put me through

The fire burns out

I am feeling raw

Because this isn’t what I want

Better to give it up now

It can no longer be how it once was

Wonder where it began…

My heart is breaking

Not like you really care

I was born to sorrow

I hate inside

Time to let out what I have inside

Hope you have frozen a memory of me from a time when…

I was your Prince, your boy next door

Because now I am no longer that same kid

I have played my part well

I have had a vision

I’ll move to Paris

Start a cocaine addiction

Forget my Mother

Forget my Father

Still miss my Brother

I think I should give up

Because I can no longer hold out

Weight of the world rains heavy

Why does it even matter?

Live a fast and die even faster

I am capable of anything

Miss my parents

But why?

They wouldn’t even notice for years if death came for me today

Letting go of love

Throwing it all away

Because of a broken heart ravaged by frost bite

There is pleasure in tragedy

Because you think you can save me

But all of the faces look the same

My mind is done with this

Each cut hurts less and less

Each sound sounds more distant than ever

I am not going to stay

You have nothing to worry about

Change is good and I am on my way out

My soul has been ripped away

Because I gave into the truth

I can no longer take this

You are running out of time

Please stop

Leave me in this bright lit room

The lights swaying over me doesn’t bother me

It’s what you wanted

You can now see that I bleed

That I have bled

There is no going back

I was pushed

Now this is a permanent solution

Can’t remember where this all began

But it was nice to have met you.

Just walk away…

Phillip Frost

Wednesday 18th of December 2013 7:00PM


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