Truth Behind Green Eyes

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February 18, 2014 by phillipfrost

Truth Behind Green Eyes

I have never have felt so alone…

So dark… so cold…

Feelings of despair and nothing…

It’s like I am screaming but no one can hear.

Ignored by the impressions of self-made illusions…

Not even a prince can save me from this darkness to come.

Many final thoughts have crossed my mind

Have I become so lost that I can no longer be found?

This world is destroying me

Still not scared of the dark…

Just afraid of what I might find staring back in it.

Still not scared to love…

Just afraid of not being loved in return.

Still not scared of the death to come…

Just afraid of what way might hurt more.

Still not scared of trusting people…

Just afraid of giving someone the ability to destroy me.

My last days have been numbered

My time is ticking away

Eating has lost its taste

Breathing has lost its charm

Humor has run dry

Hope has meddled in its last affair

My answer is negative 9 that equates to infinity.

So let me just lie down and fall into a deep slumber

Let me go to understand

I have exhausted the capabilities of my heart

So release me of the hold you have and just…

Let go

The sun is setting

I need to go

Everything won’t be okay in the end

If that’s not okay…

Then this is my end.

Phillip Frost

Tuesday February 18th 2014 3:50 PM


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