Conjured by a Fallen Soul

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March 29, 2016 by phillipfrost

Conjured by a Fallen Soul

Sitting beneath the moonlight’s gaze

Infrequently, on most evenings

You could hear my tireless whispers before falling silent

Sometimes, I wish things were more simple

As the simplicity of a smile

Obscuring the internal flames

Sometimes, I find myself drifting deeper into void of sadness

Sometimes, I decide not to.

Avoiding malevolent glares

My still beating heart has been forsaken

I find comfort in darkness

Not ever so bright

Or uninspiring.

Shrouded, by the haze of pain.

Limited by cause of…

I am faithless,

I am alone and

I am broken.

My foundation beneath me is crumbling

I cannot escape

My light is dimming

Just as the ill-fated firefly

Once ever so bright

Unlike any you may have ever seen

Nevertheless it’s fire fades away

Versed in succumbing to my own demise

My omniscient truth may seem abstruse to you

My actions need no explanation

Considering it could have only been conjured by a fallen soul

-Phillip Frost

29/03/2016 15:18




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